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Gratitude: Steph Panther

Who I am:

Steph Panther, Founder of My Mindset Coach

My company:

My Mindset Coach, through which I assist ambitious young professionals through a significant life change (change of career, relationships, moving countries, or all at once!)


New site launching soon! www.stephpanther.com

What I’m grateful for:

The ability to design my life the way I want to, like a blank canvas to create when, how and who with. Compared to before – working night shifts, all hours in hospitals. I can go to hot yoga between clients if I really want to. It is glorious! I also really really really appreciate each of my clients, I am constantly inspired by their progress and change, which expands my world too. I freakin’ love what I do.

How gratitude helps my business:

Well, cool fact: it actually is proven that fear and love/gratitude cannot be present in the body at the same time! It is physiologically impossible!
So…when I notice fear is ever taking a front seat, I get myself into a place of gratitude. Isn’t this the best hack ever for entrepreneurs?! Where it can be a rollercoaster of daily change and managing fear…


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