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Finding Strong Female Role Models in Male Dominated Fields

Finding Strong Female Role Models in Male Dominated Fields 

This post is brought to sheBOOM by Christine Schmiedeler, a new contributor to sheBOOM and Business Administration student at the University of Michigan.


As a young woman who is going into business, I enjoy taking the time to find new inspirational women (usually in male dominated fields) who I can look up to. Thanks to the recent Oscars, I have found a new inspirational woman: Greta Gerwig. She was the fifth woman to be nominated for best director since the Oscars began in 1929. Even though Guillermo del Toro ended up winning best director for The Shape of Water, Greta still remains my personal inspiration (and she should really be yours too).

Greta’s road to the Oscars has not been easy. After graduating from Barnard, she was rejected by every graduate school she applied to. Despite the numerous rejection letters that could have ended her career, Greta decided to teach herself how to act and direct on low-budget films, making her a role model to everyone who has experienced a major setback or failure in life (which I can guarantee everyone reading this has). In spite of her incredible life journey, she regrets one of her biggest roles, Sally in To Rome With Love, because of the alleged sexual allegations against director Woody Allen. It takes a strong woman to stand up and refuse to work under someone who has caused another woman to suffer, especially when she has worked so hard to get to her current professional position.

Greta demonstrates that with the recent #MeToo movement, which raises awareness to the sexual assault issues within the film industry, it is important to recognize the role you play, even if it’s minor, in supporting your female colleagues. So as I go through my journey to receive my BBA, I will keep in mind that one day I aspire to use my voice and fight for something I truly believe in, much like Greta Gerwig.

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