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Happy Tech sheBOOM!

Technology Really Can Make You Happy!

Soon after the creation of sheBOOM, we launched Happy Tech in response to feedback we were getting from readers. This section is designed specifically to help you and other women in service businesses use technology to save time, simplify their lives, and make more money. Now won’t that make you happy?

Of course, we work in businesses where human interaction and customer service are super-important. However, the right kinds of technologies can actually help make those transactions smoother and more convenient for everyone.

We’re not referring to robots and complex code…we’re talking about easy things you can do – operations, marketing, customer service, and even life management – to simplify. That should make us all (and your customers) really happy!

What are some  Happy Tech features?

Eye-opening new statistics about how people are buying/shopping these days.

A special shout-out to a great group — Women Who Code.

We’re extending a little sheBOOM love to RPZL…an awesome new women-run company that embraced technology before opening its doors, proving that volume doesn’t just apply to hair!

Having problem putting your phone down? You’re not alone! It’s called Nomophobia!

What’s next in social media? Trends, predictions, and more.

Can you really use technology to relax and get healthy and fit? YES! Discover some cool new sites and apps.

Please get in touch with comments, suggestions, or any stories of your own technology solutions! Just write us at nancy@sheBOOM.com.