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Healthy, Wealthy & Wise: Hello New Year!

Make those 80+ years count!

The life expectancy for women in 2030 may be as high as 83. (It varies by continent and country, according to these stats.)

As women founders and entrepreneurs we are often busy worrying mostly about the success of our businesses and the well-being of our families and friends. We’re making”self-care” one of the keywords here at sheBOOM to kick-off 2018.

If you’re not tending to your health (physical and mental), you won’t be successful in other aspects of your life (e.g., your business) in 2018.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be talking about innovations created by women that contribute to health and also publishing your stories about how you balance your own health with your business wisdom and success.

Please just complete this simple form and…

  • Tell us about your invention or health-related businesses (with a photo, please!) and/or
  • Let other sheBOOMers in on your favorite tip for maintaining/improving your own health while running a business.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Yours in good health, wealth and wisdom,






  • Kimra Major-Morris January 8, 2018

    I’ve found that drinking at least one glass of fresh juice daily and doing some form of exercise at least three times a week helps me to stay productive and pleasant. I’ve also noticed that when I keep water nearby, I drink more of it. Otherwise, it’s out of sight, out of mind.