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Hot Dog! How to Profit from Hot Food Businesses

Let’s talk frankly…

Consumers bought an estimated 20 billion franks last year. They threw them on the grill, purchased them on the street and consumed them at ballparks, festivals and airports — but if you’re looking to manufacture and sell them, where to start? (If you have any other hot product, this article is full of information for you too!)

Go Dog Go! Hit the Streets

About 15% of franks sold come from food carts, trucks and other street vendors according to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (NHDSC).  That’s about three billion dogs. If you find your niche, you’ll need the funds to buy a business license and choose your location wisely (New York City and Los Angeles are top hot dog consumers). Franks, if done right, can be a lucrative venture, according to Tech Crunch and the street vendor industry is expected to grow. Americans are interested in and appreciative of fast, convenient, street food, but want less grease with more healthy and gourmet options, according to IBIS World. This 11-year-old girl, owner of Teagan’s Tasty Dogs, is giving it a shot. And this moody dog owner has been selling gourmet franks from a cart since summer 2014.

Farmers markets can also be a great place to test your brand with the community. The cost of keeping product cold and fresh and the equipment to cook it can be a significant expense. Forbes cooked up this great guide to turning a profit via farmers markets.  Dreaming of driving a food truck? Here’s a way to project your operating costs.

 Rovers into Retail?

Americans purchase about 9 billion dogs from their local grocery stores. Manufacturing and distribution is complex and success in that area doesn’t happen overnight.  Firsthand Foods owned by Tina Prevatte and Jennifer Curtis, was founded to ease that process and build sustainable land-to-table by connecting North Carolina livestock producers to local retail locations.

Wherever your meat sells – online, farmers market, truck or grocery store – the world of women in meat is only expanding and hot dog eaters are everywhere.