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How to Grow: He Says…She Says…

The Harvard Business Review recently wrote about why so many women are opting to start their own businesses. They said, “The push factors of work-life conflict combined with pull factors of more autonomy and potential for real engagement and reward feel tough to beat.”

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ve made (or are contemplating) that leap into starting your own venture.

Posts in sheBOOM have covered the “million dollar gap.” In other words, less than 3% of women-owned businesses ever reach the $1,000,000 mark (compared to 6% of men-owned businesses).

Many of us are in service businesses because we have a talent that is helpful to other people. In short, we like to serve. Whether we run home repair companies, accounting firms, or salons or spas or real estate businesses or marketing/PR consultancies, we’re providing services that consumers and businesses want and need.

Are we starting the right kinds of businesses for the right reasons? This controversial tweet created a flurry of responses. But the reality is that women DO consume a wide variety of services. And a service business can be highly-profitable.

The great news is that many of the fastest-growing women-owned businesses in 2016 are in the service sector. Making money in service businesses is hard work, as you know.

This male writer for Inc. recently stated that he believes that women are better suited to be more successful in business than their male counterparts. He notes their management styles and relationship-building skills as just two of the reasons. (Thank you, David!)

Now that we’ve given you a male perspective on women and success, let’s close with a powerful quote from Shark Tank’s Lori Greiner, which may ultimately be the key to a booming business, “The big thing for me is I never think about myself as a female in business. I’m a person in business.”