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How To Look Awesome On Camera

Whether you’re shooting a web video or are fortunate enough to appear on TV…

Your brand (whether it’s your product or your face and voice) should be memorable! This great piece from on-camera talent Dawn McCarthy is useful — whether you’re a start-up or an aspiring star!  Dawn been doing Beauty & Lifestyle reports on regional and some national shows for over 5 years.  She recently started www.dawnscorner.com just over a year and a half ago, to focus on products. Take it from here, Dawn!


As a Beauty & Lifestyle Expert, I have had the pleasure of being on-camera and showcasing over 1,000 products over the past six years on T.V., and contributing my “opinion” in round tables and ‘Coffee Talk’ for stations on ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS and the CW to name a few.  I have learned a lot about being on air, and happy to share some tips with you to keep in mind for your next appearance.

 What to wear when featuring a product or products

  • First, if it’s about the products. You want to dress in a solid color (which can be bold or a pastel, but should go well with your skin tone), no flashy nails or polish, and wear something fitted. If you have sleeves, the trend right now may be big, bell-shape, or blousy sleeves, but by the hands- this does not work if you will be holding items up.
  • Yes, I did say, something fitted. We all may be conscious of our bodies, but when it comes to T.V. wearing something fitted is best.
  • If wearing a dress, keep in mind, you will have a mic that needs to be attached. In many cases, the mic pack will be attached to the back of your bra, belt or leg, and the wire run up, or over. Dresses that unzip in the back, or have a belt are the best. Also, keep the length appropriate in case you will be sitting.
  • Choose a blouse, shirt, or sweater with a pair of pants.  I tend to be traveling to do my segment spots, and have to quickly catch a car service or a plane. It is just more comfortable to wear pants, and easy to mic on the back, or back pocket. No tank tops, unless a fitness segment.
  • You can wear black or white as long as you follow a few reminders. White is see-through! Think about wearing a nude color undergarment, or shapewear- a pretty lace bra does not count. Black is also see-thru.  The lights on-set will light you up like a celebrity on a red-carpet, and many black fabrics are very see thru. If you decide to wear either of these colors, make sure to pair them with a bold statement piece of jewelry or earrings that have color.
  • When choosing accessories (bracelets, earrings or necklaces), make sure they don’t create a ton of noise, the mic picks up everything.
  • Stay away from busy patterns! You are a guest, not the host.  It is your job to be a compliment to them, not make a bigger statement. In addition, you want the focus on your product which can be busy in color, so keep your look simple, elegant, and clean.

As always, do your research:  watch the station and show you are going to be on.  See what colors really stand out on hosts, or co-hosts that have similar looks to you. Sticking to this simple guideline will have you picture perfect at any age!”


Do you have tips or a story to share? Please get in touch!