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Jamie Allison Sanders: Self-Care Entrepreneur

Meet Jamie Allison Sanders, a beauty blogger with 3 tips for entrepreneurial success!

Jamie Allison Sanders created a beauty blog, The Beauty of Life in 2007. From dressing up her Barbies, to dabbling in stage makeup, to her endless collection of nail polish, candles, and more, she has always been passionate about beauty. Jamie spends her days as a fashion copywriter and, after 12 years in New York City and a brief stint in Pittsburgh, moved to Los Angeles in October 2015. Her work has appeared in campaigns for some of the nation’s leading retailers including Bloomingdale’s, Bergdorf Goodman, Henri Bendel, American Eagle Outfitters, Aerie, Splendid, Ella Moss, T3 Micro, JustFab, Sugarfina, Charming Charlie and Ralph Lauren.

As a working woman juggling her blog and fashion career, Jamie is no stranger to stress. She writes, “I believe very strongly in therapy!…My favorite technique [my therapist] has taught me is to compartmentalize and visualize in a healthy way — not letting things that are stressful or hurtful affect me, but putting them somewhere in my brain where I can look at them but then move on instead of them being flashing neon signs. I also think it’s important to schedule time for YOU, no matter how busy you may be with work. Have dinner or drinks with friends, go to a concert, see a movie, go shopping, read a book … whatever is going to take you away from your stress for awhile, DO IT! If you’re able to just step away from the busy and stressful things happening, even for a couple hours, it helps you feel better.” Beauty and self-care can go hand in hand–simply taking the time to care for yourself (whether that means a run or some mascara) does wonders for stress.

Running a business is no easy feat, but Jamie has a few tips for success:

1) Be willing to work hard — harder than you ever have in your life. You’re creating your own brand, business, product, blog — you have to dedicate as much time as humanly possible to it.

2) Don’t be afraid of rejection or criticism! They help you learn and grow.

3) Be willing to reach out to as many people as possible in your field — other founders, similar brands, etc. It’s good to connect with like-minded people, especially on social media!