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Jane Tabachnick’s Lucky Connection

Sharing a dream can set you up for a lucky break.

Jane Tabachnick, founder of Jane Tabachnick & Co and Simply Good Press, is a lucky lady! Her business helps leaders become published authors and helps them leverage their book to grow their brand, visibility and profits. They also provide PR mentorship.

Tabachnick’s lucky break was some unexpected help and inspiration that changed her business direction. Tabachnick says, “A post on Facebook prompted a college roommate I haven’t been in touch with much over the years to initiate a conversation. I set my intention this year to conduct more live workshops, some of them in destinations I enjoy spending time in. In conversation and catching up, my friend suggested I host a workshop in Costa Rica. It turns out she has a real estate and events business down there. I love Costa Rica, and hadn’t yet included it on my workshop location list. I am currently identifying dates for the first workshop there!” Social media and a lucky old connection sparked her new idea and gave her the support to make her dreams possible.

To all the women still waiting for that lucky break, Tabachnick has some advice: “Be clear about what you want, yet open to how it might show up. Be open to having conversations and meetings. Follow your instinct – even if you don’t yet know why you are drawn to have a meeting or conversation with someone.” She traces her own luck back to her vulnerability and openness. “I got lucky because I was willing to share a dream– in my case a lifestyle– and business direction and idea that wasn’t fully formed yet. Speaking about it helped me define it better for myself, make it more tangible, and attract the luck!”

Dreaming big and letting the world know what you’re looking for attracts the opportunities that we call luck. Here’s to a lucky year, sheBOOMers!