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Just Rewards: 5 Ways to Motivate Employees (Beyond a Raise!)

Many business owners and managers assume that every employee just wants to see more money in her paycheck in order to feel valued. Of course, raises are fantastic! But you can show your appreciation for individual employees and your team in ways far beyond cash. For example:

  1. Say “thanks” and “good job” more often. Here are a few other ways to make high performers feel valued.
  2. Learn what individuals value. A budding musician may just need to leave early some days to get to rehearsals. A mom might want more time with her kids (or a day without them to relax). Gear your “benefits” to what employees want most. Here are some creative suggestions.
  3. Public recognition can be meaningful too. Whether you offer up a toast at the next team lunch or write a recommendation on LinkedIn, acknowledging success will be meaningful to high performers and motivational to the rest of the team.

But be sure not to play favorites. Spread the praise to everyone who deserves it and make sure you reward and recognize team successes too!

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