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Kavita Shukla: Keeping Things Fresh

Kavita Shukla, Founder and CEO of The FRESHGLOW Co. and inventor of FRESHPAPER, is using her knowledge about food to change lives. After learning about the percentage of food wasted due to spoilage, Kavita set out on a mission to use spices to preserve food for longer periods of time. Her invention is a compostable sheet that are infused with botanicals. Companies use these sheets to preserve their food during shipment, but you can also use it in your home to preserve your produce! This revolutionary design is not only changing the food and drink industry, but changing the world and our environment. Kavita was listed as one of the “7 Entrepreneurs Changing the World”, “30 under 30”, and “5 Most Innovative Women in Food” and she continues to be an inspiration to people all across the globe.