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Ruminations: Lights, Camera, Action!

We all know that founding and running a business is rarely glitzy.

Sure, we sometimes get glammed-up for headshot photo shoots, conferences, or awards events (like the one sheBOOM is going to this week —  we’re a finalist for a Killer Content Award!). But female founders don’t often run around thinking, “My life is just like Oscar night.”

However, many women entrepreneurs make a living from film production, event planning and management, and other businesses in which creative storytelling leads to prosperity. Plus, telling a great story (through video, live performance, or other media) can educate, inspire, and motivate.

Women are making their mark as founders in the entertainment space. Although we still have a very long way to go in traditional TV and film (according to these stats), women like Paige Wilhide of Paige Media ( who just shot my web video series) and independent film producer Lucia Caldera (who got “top billing” from us in 2016) are setting their own stages in the industry. 

Plus, many other women are turning live experiences and other forms of entertainment into lucrative ventures — from wedding and personal event planning to large-scale concert production to fundraisers. Then there is the trade show and conference industry — a multi-billion dollar business.  Women are starting to find their places in this male-dominated industry –beyond the booth!

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be covering them — from stage to screen (and everything in-between).

Lights, camera, action…prosperity!

Are you ready for your close-up? Please send us your story and we’ll feature you here! Or, just send us a sheBOOMy article (under 500 words please), related to this week’s theme!

Nancy, Publisher