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Ring & Bling: 5 Companies Turning Tech into Accessory Must-Haves

There’s a very simple yet detrimental rule that every woman knows to be true: accessories are everything.

Accessories can truly make the difference between a look that’s on point and one that has missed the mark. That’s why the world of fashion and retail pushes us to accessorize with everything and the kitchen sink — hats, scarves, jewelry, shoes, you name it! Some even follow in the footsteps of the pink queen herself, Elle Woods, and use pets to give their look an extra bite.

Before opening up a small kennel in the stockroom, fashion and retail owners instead should be focusing on accessorizing something no woman leaves the house without — her smartphone. That’s right, many women are turning to their everyday tech devices like smartphones and laptops to accentuate their look.

Think phone covers. According to a recent poll conducted by NPD only 1 in every 4 smartphone owners don’t use a case to protect their phone. That leaves 75% of users who protect their phone with a case.

Many in the fashion and retail industry are meeting this need for tech protection with cute and customizable cases. Here are 5 booming retail businesses making waves in the fashion industry by transforming everyday phone and laptop cases into chic accessories fit for complimenting any look.

1. Case-Mate


“Case-Mate is the industry leader in stylish smartphone cases. Using premium materials and decadent styles, the covers we’ve created for the latest cell phones epitomize luxury designed to turn your technology into a chic accessory. From pebbled leather and genuine crystals to metal accents and subtle pearls, we take pride in being on the forefront of fashionable smartphone covers.”

2. SkinIt


“We utilize state-of-art machines to print high-quality products to protect your device and partner up with top brands in sports, entertainment, and art to bring you premium designs to choose from.”

3. My Custom Case


“MyCustomCase.com cases combine state-of-the-art technology with the latest design styles and directions. Whichever design or case style you choose – be it a bold graphic print Slim Case, a stunning photo Extra Durable or a personalized iPad or iPod Touch case – you can rest assured that every cover from MyCustomCase.com will totally surround and help to protect your mobile phone or device … in style!”

4. Casetify


Casetify is the world’s first social design service to make custom phone cases using Instagram and Facebook photos. Every product we create must be something we use ourselves and something we love. At Casetify, we set our own standards by being the rule breakers and questioners.”

5. Agent 18


“As the first company to develop a hard plastic ipod case for apple, we understand the power of a new idea. We work to bring you electronic accessories that focus on innovation, design, and functionality.”

For more insights on how to turn everyday tech into your next hot accessory check out this photo gallery of fun and quirky cases compiled by Elle.

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