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Making Fast Decisions

We’ve all had that moment when we realize there’s a serious situation that imploding in front of our eyes or we’ve come upon an impending deadline that we can’t put off any longer. You can’t turn back – you’re at decision time and the consequences may be devastating!

Whether it’s a big financial decision (like expanding your business) or a major personal choice related to your home life or family, you have to make a significant choice and you’re not sure which fork in the road to take.

The responsibility falls on your shoulders alone. At that moment, you need to grasp a greater awareness of what’s about to happen. You may not be sure how to deal with the situation at hand and need time to process it — but time has run out. How do you think fast and on your feet?

This system called “visualize the outcome” works for me, and I recommend it to you too.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Come up with 5 minimum (no fewer) possibilities of what your options are
  2. For each choice, list 3 positives about each of your options
  3. With each of those 5 choices, visualize the outcome using the 3 positives
  4. Do the visualization exercise for 5, 10 or 15 minutes with each of the 5 possibilities. You can set the timer on your phone.
  5. Make notes about how you feel about each possibility at the end of each session
  6. Tap into your values. What’s really important in your life?
  7. Make the decision and stick with it – trust you gut & intuition

For the next few days, during each day “look for messages” that confirm your decision. Make a quick note of them and keep affirming your decision. You’ll see plenty of signs if you continue to visualize the best outcome.

I hope you find this helpful the next time you have a difficult decision to make.  Although you don’t have control over the problem, you do have control over how you think about it and the choice is yours.  Choose wisely and visualize a positive outcome!


Kathy D’Agostino (Coach K) is a Certified Professional Coach. She conduct workshops and facilitates training with core values, positive psychology, and tapping into your authentic self.