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Marbet Lewis: Advice from a Lawyer in the Liquor Industry

An alternative take on the spirits industry! Advice from a co-founder of LewisFox Law.

Marbet Lewis is a co-founder of LewisFox Law. LewisFox is a business and litigation law firm focused on serving the alcohol industry. It works primarily with suppliers and retailers on licensing, trade practices and regulatory compliance.

Lewis opened LewisFox less than a year ago. After 15 years of experience in the alcohol industry, she was ready “to establish [a] law firm in response to client needs and feedback that promoted a preference for working with a specialized group.” She adds, “Operating and managing our own law firm enables us to focus on client service and innovation in the practice without the confines of the traditional law firm structure and hierarchy.” Her unique firm specializes based on her years of experience to best serve her clients.

Working as a woman in the nightclub and bar industry is notoriously difficult, and these challenges carry into Lewis’ field as well. “Being a woman in a male dominated industry has always meant that I needed to work harder and prove my expertise more consistently than some male counterparts. I was always willing to work harder, put in more time and focus to prove my value even when advancement seemed limited in light of longstanding male hierarchy and influence.” While she always had to work a little harder, her efforts paid off:  “facing those walls and having the experience and client base to work independently gave me the confidence to start and manage a growing law firm that has been well received by our male and female clients.”

As a woman making her dreams come true in the spirits industry, Lewis knows the sacrifices that come with her work. She advises women to know their worth: “I would suggest to any woman working in any capacity in the industry to work hard, know their value and know when compromise is not an option. There is definitely a time to take the lead and a time learn and let someone else lead. But, that decision should always be based on merit and value. If your value isn’t being recognized, then lead yourself to another opportunity.”

We loved hearing from a woman taking an unexpected path through the spirits industry. SheBOOMers, your time and skills are valuable– no matter what industry you are in!