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Mars, Venus & Business

Many books and articles have been written about how men’s and women’s brains are wired differently. This book goes as far back as prehistoric times to explain variations in male/female behavior.  Recent studies show that our brains are actually pretty similar. So, it may just be our personalities, role models, and environments that shape our behaviors.

So, how does that all translate into how we act in business?  Here are a variety of studies, facts, and theories that impact women’s (and guys’) success in business and interpersonal relationships.

Work Style & Communications

  • Women are four times less likely than men to initiate workplace negotiations, according to one study. Get over that shyness, ladies!
  • We sometimes use phrases like “Don’t you think? after we present an idea or say, “This may be crazy but…” Men may view this as a lack of confidence. Be strong and just say what you think! Here’s more on the topic.
  • Are you an uptalker? Not everything needs to sound like a question!


  • Are women better “engagers” in the workplace? This study says so.
  • Our husbands and boyfriends may not agree, but this study claims that women are better listeners.
  • Passion AND profits. According to some research, women may be better at “igniting fires” within their work teams.

Asking for Help

  • One thing most successful women seem to have in common is the support of a male mentor. However, almost half of female business founders say they had trouble finding a mentor that was the right “fit” for their needs and goals. So, how does one go about finding a mentor? Here are some tips from Forbes.
  • Once you have found him or her, be sure to ask your mentor these questions!
  • Violette de Ayala, creator of FemCity and Femfessionals, offers some of the lessons and tips from her own mentor, Gymboree Founder Joan Barnes. Check them out here.
  • Don’t forget: you can be a mentor too! This article explains that some women feel more limited by other women than by men. How can you help improve the workplace for women?

So, What’s the Secret Sauce?

According to this article, men and women bring their own competencies, perspectives, and values to the workplace. Here’s how to create a “happy marriage” in your workplace.