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Meet RPZL! From the Top of Their Heads to Rapid Growth!

Hair today…huge tomorrow! Here’s how Monica Thornton and Lisa Richards – creators of RPZL – used technology from day 1 of their business launch to grow rapidly. Their ready-to-wear hair extensions are flying off the screen!

RPZL’s “Roots”

Monica and Lisa got the idea for RPZL when they identified a significant gap in services for women: there wasn’t a single place in the world to get same-day hair extensions. Additionally, extensions were expensive, of subpar quality, and damaging to your hair.

Together, they applied cutting-edge technology using RPZL’s ultrasound machine to decrease application time without using damaging heat. Their new technique improved both quality and accessibility to this transformative experience.

How else does RPZL stand out from the crowd? By making their own hair extensions using 100% Virgin Remy human hair, rather than relying on other companies to provide their goods. RPZL’s unique technology launched February 5th, 2015 and quickly established the business as a first-to-market leader in the field.

So, they got tech happy. But how did this apply to their business models? Here are a variety of ways in which incorporating technology benefited their business model.

Research and Business Planning

Hot Tip: Use Technology to Know Your Customer and Build Your Brand! 

  • RPZL established its flagship space in the heart of “Silicon Alley,” located on “Ladies’ Mile,” defining its groundbreaking marriage of Tech and Beauty!
  • They have implemented chair-side checkout to streamline the service experience.
  • Lisa and Monica stay current on trends and technology by attending trade shows, talking to top engineers, and reading tech magazines like Technology Review and Wired.

Click, Communicate, and Sell! 

Tip: Your Marketing is Smarter with Technology

  • RPZL pushes their press! They’ve been featured in magazines and on television, and they use this exposure to improve publicity.
  • Rather than choosing only cost prohibitive tactics like telemarketing or direct mail, RPZL uses technology (social media, their awesome website, and online sales) to market their products. This has led them to more immediate, effective marketing.
  • They aren’t afraid to try new things! RPZL, like many start-ups and salons, wants to focus on evolving key tactics including utilizing social media, drawing on affiliate partnerships and influencers, and using digital marketing.

Streamlining Lives

Tip: Add Creative Flair to the Customer Experience

  • From choosing an easily accessible booking site to installing iPads at each hair station, RPZL is a technology-centered business.
  • Their hair technique and technology uses sound activation and no damaging heat, resulting in longer, fuller and healthier hair! Plus, it reduces the overall time at RPZL, which creates a more scalable business model.
  • RPZL has an on-site DJ and selfie booth to further accentuate their social presence both on and off-line.

Technology Can Help Your Business, Too!

RPZL has taken a modern day concept and combined it with an old-school business approach, along with other successful beauty product lines. Their business is quickly scalable, has increased revenue, and high profit margins.

They have a long-term business model that includes expansions into new hair extension care products and accessories. By keeping their future plans specific and attainable, RPZL can make sure they stay on track and reach their initial goals. For more on the necessity of business goals, check out this article.

What’s next for RPZL?

Their new Pro Program is bringing their proprietary line of premium hair extensions to leading salons across the country (delivering on their business plan)! It’s the first business-to-business program of its kind in the industry history. One way service businesses can generate revenue is by wholesaling unique products. The RPZL founders are proving that out!

To read more about RPZL, just visit RPZL.com or follow them @rpzlrpzl