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Meet the Coolest Team in Tech: Women Who Code

When we set out to create sheBOOM, one of our mantras was “collaboration.” Women need to support other women in business if we are going to become a bigger force field in the economy.

We’re thrilled be profiling Women Who Code as part of our Happy Tech coverage. To learn more about this fabulous organization, read on. Their team was so generous in sharing their perspectives and advice with sheBOOM.

When women think of “coding,” they may think of technical gibberish. So, what is coding really and why is it important for the future?

Coding is the future. In order to stay competitive, companies have to employ the most up-to-date hardware and software, and that means they are going to need qualified employees and leaders. Women are going to be an integral part of this process because, while the tech industry may have a gender-biased stereotype, the truth is that women are innovative thinkers at the forefront of the field.

The business world is built on a backbone of code. From finance to analytics, construction to retail, every industry employs technology to improve their efficiency and increase profits. Those companies that are lagging behind are failing, and those that are leaders in the field are able to achieve unheard of success.

The Next Generation

The stereotype of coding being a “male career” is a relatively new one. Unfortunately there has been a downward trend over the last 30 years, as evidenced by the fact that in 1980 37% of computer science majors were women, a number that dropped to 18% in 2012. Women Who Code is working hard to change the face of the industry by supporting women in their tech careers.

One of the main goals of Women Who Code is to change the conversation around gender and tech. Women can code – they’re doing it every day in organizations around the world. We work to support these women, giving them resources, inspiration, and a global network that connects and encourages them to keep striving for career success.

Every time we learn something new it improves our lives. Technology is an incredible resource that has the ability to multiply efforts, increase efficiency, and provide insights that are beyond normal human perception. At the same time it is a field that is constantly growing and evolving, making the process of learning one that is eternally ongoing.

Great news! Now, everyday women can get involved in these efforts.

Women Who Code is an international non-profit dedicated to inspiring career-aged women to excel in technology careers. Their goal is to empower women with the skills needed for professional advancement, and provide environments for networking and mentorship. The organization executes more than 3,000 free events around the world each year, has garnered a membership exceeding 50,000, and has a presence in 20 countries.

Women who are interested in getting involved can join their local Network where they can attend free educational, networking, and hack night events, as well as read to the CODE Review Blog, which contains inspirational stories, technology news, and opportunities for women in the industry. They can also help us to empower even more women to advance in tech with the training and community they need to succeed by supporting the #WWCode networks.

How Does Coding Factor into YOUR Business?

From appointment-setting to charging for services…from e-mail marketing to social media…from building a great website to downloading apps to make your life easier, coding works behind the scenes to deliver the magic of sales, marketing, and customer service!

Let’s support Women Who Code and all the talented sheBOOMers who help you make money, delight your customers, and enjoy your work and life!