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Millennial Inventions: What Will They Think of Next?

Question: How far have Millennials come as innovators?

Answer: Most of the top social media platforms have been invented by Millennials, including Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Snap.

Here are 10 more amazing and innovative ideas designed and brought to market by Millennials:

  • Edible Blob (portable water)
  • Titan Arm for amputees
  • SoulPower (an insole for your shoe that charges an iPhone after a 15 mile walk)
  • Energy Generating Soccer Ball (If you kick the ball for 30 minutes we get three hours of chargeable energy)
  • Endaga (portable cell phone network)
  • Cavity-Fighting Gum for people without access to hygienic tools
  • First Aid Kit for bees (endangered species)
  • Solar Power Cookers
  • Pacific Garbage Patch Cleaner (for pacific ocean)
  • Wearable technology to alert family when Alzheimer’s patients are moving