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Mind the Gender Gap: Her Vote Matters

Women have a huge say in who becomes our next President and we hope we inspired you to exercise your right to vote with our “Just Vote, Dammit!” post. In fact, more women than men have voted in the past 12 elections! Girl power! 43% of women reported voting in the last election, while only 40% of men reported voting.

Women’s votes are now the deciding factor of Presidential elections (Hmm…so why haven’t we had a woman President yet?!) When Bill Clinton won the Presidential election in 1996, 11% more women voted for him than men. A gender gap was also evident in the 2012 election between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. 53% of voters in the last election were women, and women favored Obama by 10%, and this also lead him to the White House for round two! I don’t know about you, but that makes me more proud than ever to be a woman.

We hope you hit the polls today and exercised that right and power! #YourVoteMatters