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Mindful Business: Jennifer Bitner

After a journey of struggling with a severe anxiety disorder and panic attacks, this amazing woman achieved her goals by starting a business to help others achieve theirs.

Jennifer Bitner, founder of My Mind Fitness, specializes in mental wellness and works with clients to achieve an optimal state of emotional well-being. Her mission is to educate others on techniques to maximize emotional, physical and financial wellness.

Who or what inspires your work?

“I’m very inspired by other leaders in my line of work who are living the life I aspire to reach. I follow the clues of those who have gone before me. I like to listen to podcasts while talking a walk. I also am a huge advocate of live events! They really get my juices flowing and the energy of other people is contagious!”

How did you get to where you are now?

“I chose to do the things most people aren’t willing to do. I had a strong vision and felt guided to my purpose and nothing could stand in the way of that. My strengths are to activate on ideas and achieve results. I see the future possibilities and keep that at the forefront of all I do. I never gave up on what I was meant to do and how I was meant to serve in this lifetime. I also share this vision with other aspiring leaders who have joined forces with me to change the world one step at a time.”

How do you stay healthy?

“My main focus is working to keep a healthy and fit mind. I do this through movement, nutrition and mind fitness. I focus a lot of my mind mood management on the use of emotional aromatherapy and natural tools. I keep my vision clear and set boundaries with my time and energy. I also am very aware of over stimulation and am conscious of filling my cup.”

The sheBOOM community thanks Jennifer Bitner for inspiring other women through her business and on sheBOOM!