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Heather Roberts on Luck and Magic

Finding luck and inspiration in the most difficult situations.

Heather Roberts, founder of Mom Bomb, found positivity and luck in a trying situation. Roberts’ business helps moms in two ways: first by selling bath bombs for relaxation, and second by donating the proceeds to her charity, momBomb.org.

Heather found her life turned on its head, and she was struggling with physical pain and grief. Roberts writes, “I was struck down with Trigeminal Neuralgia…in April and my world went upside down. Getting struck down with an illness out of the blue was life-altering in so any ways. I couldn’t do the things that I would normally do every day, so I started making bath bombs. The essential oils were soothing and provided relief…and the task itself quickly proved itself to be therapeutic.” Despite dealing with this difficult situation, Roberts found the silver lining: “Historically, one doesn’t think of getting sick as luck but it was the catalyst for the business.” Roberts considers herself lucky, because her devastating illness helped her find a passion and a drive for her entrepreneurial spirit.

While Heather considers herself lucky, she also recognizes her own role in her successes. She writes, “Your luck is your own to make or break. Ninety percent of what happens to us is controlled by us. Your mind is powerful. If you believe you are lucky, you will be. Just try it and REALLY believe it, do it so much you fake it until you believe it. Then just sit back and what what happens. Magic!”

We can’t help but be inspired by Heather’s take infectious positivity. SheBOOM is lucky to know you, Heather!