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In Honor of National Hot Dog Day (July 19th)…

sheBOOM is kicking off our “dog days of summer” series.

July 19th is just one special day during National Hot Dog Month. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll publish some fun and frank facts about the women who are part of the >$2.4 billion hot dog industry. (Did you know that between Memorial Day and Labor Day alone, Americans consume an average of 818 hot dogs PER SECOND?!)

And we’ll also talk about real dogs — as in pooches — and the women who are taking a bite out of the pet world, which comprises an opportunity of close to $70 billion. These purebreds of entrepreneurship even have their own online business community called Women in the Pet Industry.

But did you know that the term “dog days of summer” actually has nothing to do with either canines or frankfurters? It refers to the dog star Sirius, the most prominent star in the constellation. Women entrepreneurs are the stars of their own skies — standing out through innovation, business focus, and support of other stars.

Definitions aside, we hope you’ll relish the facts, stories, and inspiration you’ll find in the days ahead as we share hot dog facts and prosperous pet tricks!

Have a story to share? Please send details about your business (and a product and head shot) to nancy@sheboom.com no later than July 21st (if you want to be included in the dog days specials — hot dogs and pets! The rest of our editorial calendar will be available soon.)