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Nibble on This! Women Take the Bite in Shark Tank

Question: Is it true that women have a harder time than men getting funded on Shark Tank?

Answer: Women are more likely to get funded by other women. That explains why Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran invests in women-owned companies about 48% of the time. Recent studies support that women must show what they have already accomplished to be considered for funding, while men only need to prove that they have potential in order to get funded. For more about the psychology behind men vs. women getting funded on Shark Tank, read this article.

What Should You Do? Don’t get discouraged! Rejection is part of the process of success. When you have a great idea, stick to it. Don’t let other people in the business world bring you down. If you have facts, confidence and motivation – nothing can stop you from crossing the million-dollar threshold!

Fishing for more facts?

  • Mr. Wonderful is actually kind of wonderful in this article.
  • Here’s a new Shark Tank type show, targeted just at women and minorities.
  • The icing on the (cup)cake…a woman-owned business that was funded on Shark Tank and is now generating almost $5,000,000 in revenue annually!