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Women We LOL With: Nicole Starrett

Meet Nicole Starret: With credits to her name as major as 30 Rock, she still strives to help others.

Nicole Starrett is an actress in comedy and historical dramas (such as 30 RockThe Mad Whale, and Help Yourself!) and she writes and produces for an all-female digital and sketch comedy team, Glamazon Comedy.

Starrett has loved to perform from a young age. As early as 7, she would perform musical comedies for her family. She chased her dreams through theater school in NYC and then moved to LA where she works in comedy, TV, and film.

A star isn’t born without support, and Nicole’s acting support comes from Summer Phoenix and her first sketch teacher, Dan Tefler (@Nerdist Podcast). She is also inspired by Christopher Walken’s timing, Angela Lansbury’s class, and Lucille Ball’s business acumen.

Although her supporters boosted her career, Starrett is quick to acknowledge the difficulty of making it in her field. “Being a woman in comedy has made it clear that nothing is handed to you. You must work for your own craft, and the roles you want. And helping others is truly the best, and fastest way to help yourself!”

Her last piece of advice? “Trust your gut…Follow that instinct, kids.”