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Nigeria Makes its Olympic Bobsled Debut

Seun Adigun, captain of the newly formed Nigerian Olympic Bobsled Team, is making history.

No African nation has ever participated in the Olympic bobsledding event, and this year Nigeria is slated to be the first (Fortune). Adigun began her Olympic career in Track and Field, but quickly switched to bobsledding. After joining the U.S. team, Adigun was inspired to start the Nigerian team, a position that took her “from the brakes to the driver’s seat, from having no control to having all the control” (New York Times). With just a GoFundMe page and a simple wooden sled, the team prepared for the Games (Time).

Adigun describes her wild ride as a “Cinderella story,” and we can’t wait to watch this unlikely team make their debut. Will you be watching Adigun step into the spotlight on Tuesday, February 20? Let us know in the comments!