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One Side Dish or Pie Too Many? Don’t Overstuff Your Business!

Less is the new more.

My older daughter may be the most organized and process-oriented woman I know. As we were planning our Thanksgiving feast, we discussed side dishes and desserts.

Everyone complains after Thanksgiving dinner about having eaten too much. Although leftovers are beautiful things, knowing when to stop cooking and shopping is an important skill.

The same truth applies to founding a new business. We may fall in love with an office space, be dazzled by a new marketing technology, or add products/services to our offering that our prospects don’t necessarily want or need. Our web content and social media may be more verbose than necessary, or we may simply over-share our personal lives.

So, as in your business life as in your kitchen, ask yourself:

  • Who really wants this?
  • How much do I really need? If I need to make more, can I quickly respond?
  • If I end up with leftover inventory, what will I do with it?
  • Do I need five varieties or will just three do? (In other words, start out with a few popular options before expanding your product offering.)
  • Can I just buy a generic brand or do I need to splurge? As in business as in cooking, quality products/services may be worth investing in.

And, as with Thanksgiving, you are not just serving up food…you are delivering a unique experience! A great meal is just a bunch of platters unless you have satisfied “customers,” human connection, great conversation, laughter, and memories!