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What’s Hot & Cool? #8: Pizza Made by Robots

Oh yes…there’s a cool delivery truck involved too!

What’s happening? A whopping 41% of consumers polled say they eat pizza once a week. That’s up from 26% two years ago. The U.S. pizza market alone is $44 billion. Now how do you top that? Train robots to make the pizza.

Why should you care? As consumers look for speed, convenience, and consistency, smart business owners find ways to streamline processes — even something as traditional as making pizza.

Who’s leading? Zume Pizza‘s co-founder is Julia Collins. Her background is in the food industry and the company has already raised $23 million and attracted terrific media exposure.

What can you do? If you live in their (currently limited) delivery area, why don’t you sample the product and let us know if you think robot-made is as good as homemade. If you’re a business owner who manufactures products, be sure to look into new automated ways to cut time and lower costs. But don’t forget the humans? Zume makes a point on their website of stressing the role of real live people in heating up their business.