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Point, Click, Shop!

Shoppers are as likely to buy from their phones as they are from the mall.

Online shopping has shifted the world of fashion and retail into a digitally-based industry. After all, Cyber Monday grew by 9.4% just this year – surpassing Black Friday.

Fashion lives on our mobile phones these days. Apps such as Gilt, Polyvore, and others have helped shift the world of luxury retail to an online-based discount and deal finder. Technology has allowed shoppers to find the best deals at our fingertips and simply scroll and purchase. Small businesses have seen massive growth by using technology.

Utilizing social media to post sales, trends, and new products is a huge game-changer for fashion brands. Influencers such as Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid have helped smaller brands achieve great brand awareness by posting and promoting products on social media. Apps such as Spylight allow you to explore digital closets of your favorite celebs and style icons!

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