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Women Funding Women…It’s About Time in Tech!

Female VCs are rallying – and opening wallets – to bridge the gender gap in tech startup funding.

When TechCrunch shed light on the sparse population of female VCs — just 8% as quoted in its 2016 Women in VC article — it created a rallying cry in the tech community to ensure women had an equal shot at launching and securing funds for new tech ventures.

Today, tech advancements in data, VR, AI, digital and IoT are creating new business opportunities for STEM-minded women.  That’s music to the ears of female investors eager to level the funding playing field.

If you’re ready to make your tech concept a physical reality, here are a few bits and bytes to get you there:

  1. Follow the money….literally.    No need to Google, these groups have done the work for you.  Check out  Business Insider – VCs for Women in Tech  or  Female Entrepreneur Institute’s 21 VCs with Women Leading Investors  to learn the 6 Ws from the best.     We also like round tables like Forbes Women in Silicon Valley  for their straight talk about pitching and winning investors.
  2. Shop till you drop.  Numerous startup competitions and pitch seminars throughout the U.S.  feature investors actively seeking female-founded businesses, such as

With such robust resources at the ready, you may be just a click away from launch!

We know many sheBOOM readers are coding their hearts out for their upcoming tech launch…and others are live and thriving!    We want to hear from you.  Share your tech-related story here and we will feature you in our Data Vixens series.