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Rachel Kessler Took a Lucky Leap of Faith

One (or three!) lucky breaks can jumpstart a new career.

Rachel Kessler founded Kessler Communications, a public relations boutique specializing in health, science and wellness. Kessler uses her PR savvy to educate consumers and reporters on the latest pioneering cancer treatments and promote products that help people thrive in all ways.

Kessler found herself working at corporate public relations firm that was breaking her spirit down, but she knew she could fly.  She quit her job without a backup plan in search of “‘soulmate clients’…clients which had a story to tell that [she] truly believed in and that aligned with [her] beliefs.” Kessler’s decision to leave ended up paying off big time.

Kessler describes her new beginning: “I wrote down exactly what I wanted…I burned the piece of wish paper and really felt my dreams happening. I burned palo santo wood for good luck. It’s a sacred wood, which is believed to bring in good vibes. I then put my lucky evil eye pendant in my pocket. I walked down the hall into my boss’ office and quit. I had no back-up plan. When I came back to my desk, I checked my email. There were not one, but THREE notes from contacts wanting to hire me to do PR for them. Big long-term, retainer projects, and they were for a lot more income than I was making. From that day on, I truly believe that if you have the courage to leap, you will be rewarded.” Kessler made the most of her lucky break, and is now doing what she loves!

This lucky lady is a big believer in “energy” and “vibes.” She advises sheBOOMers who are down on their luck to watch their energy: “I think the energy of excitement is very contagious. Acting, feeling and thinking that whatever it is you want has already happened can really shift your energy. Get excited about it. It’s already happening. You’re already there. And be careful about what you tell yourself as you walk around. Walk around saying ‘I’m so excited that I run my own business! I love being my own boss.’ Things like that. For me, doubt and fear was simply not an option.”