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Ruminations: Back to School Season

I still look longingly at the school supply aisle when I’m out shopping…

The first days of school were anxiety-provoking but always exciting. What would my teachers be like? Would I fit in? How could I sit at the “cool” table at lunch?  And, because I was always a long-term planner, I was already thinking about what/who I want to be for Halloween.

We’re entering the final days of summer and you should think about the start of the new “business semester.” Who will we learn from? What will inspire us? How can we attract new customers? Who will our “lab partners” be? What tools will we need to run our businesses better.

As for Halloween…

What are the fears that get in the way of our succeeding?  What’s your “costume” in business? In other words, how do you present yourself to the outside world — in person and via social media?

It’s back-to-school season at sheBOOM!

Over the next few weeks we’ll be showcasing:

  • Women who founded and run education-related companies
  • Incredible “teachers” who mentor and inspire other women
  • Ways you can get smarter about entrepreneurship and business

Want to “show-and-tell” with us? Simply fill out this form no later than September 15th.