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Ruminations: If the Shoe Fits… (a note from the Publisher)

As our loyal sheBOOM readers know, I sometimes take a rumination break and post more personal perspectives on work and life.

This is one of those moments.

This week is “Fashion & Beauty Week” at sheBOOM. We’ve profiled several female founders of fashion companies and given you a glimpse into business style trends and the psychology of the color pink. More fashionable and fabulous business tips and profiles will come before the week is over!

But today the topic is shoes. I often talk about them when I discuss career transitions with women of all ages. It seems to be an analogy that resonates with many of us.

We see a fantastic new shoe style online or in a store and we try it on. We may even go so far as to buy a pair, even though it’s a departure from the comfortable footwear we normally choose. Sometimes they turn out to be our new faves. But perhaps we realize once we get them home that they don’t really “go” with anything in our closet. Or, the first time we wear them our feet wind up covered in blisters and bandaids and our pinky toes are squished beyond recognition.

Such is our career “journey.” (Man, I hate that word…although sometimes nothing else quite works sometimes.)

Just as corporate life or a leadership role isn’t for everyone, neither is entrepreneurship. Some women decide to start a business but don’t really understand the steps that it’ll take to succeed. And that’s perfectly fine. The shoe doesn’t flatter everyone.  The media has hyped entrepreneurship and glorified founders, but they have also promulgated many myths.

I really wish I could wear those towering skinny high heels that make my legs look skinny. On TV I see celebrities and newscasters gracefully flying down the street without so much as a wobble. Alas, after having once broken my foot trying on a pair of 4″ high mules and investing in a pair of groovy hot pink shiny boots, I stick with my comfy and versatile footwear. The money I save on bandaids and a podiatrist can be invested in other things.

So, as you travel along the path of work and life, be sure to try on different styles and colors but don’t feel compelled to wear the ones that don’t flatter you or hurt. Eventually you’ll find the right fit.

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