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Ruminations: The Mom Thing

I just became a grandmother for the second time and my own mother will be 92 in July.

Mothering (and sometimes grandmothering) and daughtering is part of our lives. That can be in addition to launching, running, and scaling a business. Those of us who do it (including those who are the mothers of fur babies or aunts to their siblings’ kids) will tell you that it can be amazingly gratifying but also add a level of stress and responsibility to our lives.

Many moms have used their own experiences and needs to launch businesses. Many women choose entrepreneurship as a path because it can afford them more flexibility.

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’ll be sharing stories of women who care for businesses while caring for kids, women who have invented products and services for moms, and women who were inspired by working mothers throughout their lives.

Here’s how to be featured.