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Ruminations: Pure Joy

I think of Joy whenever I go into my closet…

During the holidays or any other time. I’m not referring to the joy of the season or delighting in the great shoes and boots I have. Joy Mangano is an entrepreneur and inventor and I happen to have lots of her Huggable Hangers. I also recently re-watched the fictionalized version of her life, which was totally Hollywoodized, but inspirational none the less.

Every female founder has joy inside her — passion for her idea and business that keeps her going on the worst of days, looking for the miracle in that mop.

We decided to make a last-minute change this week and rather than cover a specific industry, we’re going to focus on the joys of entrepreneurship.

Sure, being a female founder is tough. Some of us will go back to day jobs or change-up our plans. We may choose not to scale, so that we can focus on our other life joys, including family and relationships.

We’ve been publishing about 7-10 pieces of original content each week, since sheBOOM launched on November 1st. We’re proud of what we’ve done so far, our base is rapidly growing, and we were just selected as a finalist in the Killer Content Awards for 2017. We’ve talked to hundreds of women entrepreneurs who are eager to share their stories. We’re just getting started!

So, please follow us all week and add your own stories of gratitude and prosperity. And remember, prosperity doesn’t just mean the size of your bank account — it means getting richer in many ways, including wisdom, connections, and giving back!

Please share your own story of joy with us this week here.  We’ll be featuring sheBOOM readers’ joy all week!



Nancy, Publisher