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sheBOOM is Back!

After a one-year hiatus…

sheBOOM has returned and it’s better than ever, just in time for the International Day of the Girl Child.

Although this site features the accomplishments, real-life challenges, and success stories of women entrepreneurs and leaders, we all started out as hopeful girls — many of us challenged by beliefs about who we were supposed to be when we grew up. But many of us also had passions and dreams that later turned into our own businesses or leadership roles.

The site is now three years old. Like a three-year-old girl, sheBOOM is finding its own voice and independence.

Over those years, I moved to Arizona from New York, transformed my “day job” (focusing mostly on marketing food-tech, human-tech, SaaS, sustainability, and writing short- and long-form content), picked up  amazing new clients, and became the local co-organizer of CIRKEL, a group dedicated to fostering cross-generational collaboration.

On a personal level, I’ve celebrated the birth of a second grandchild, helped keep my 93-year old mother’s spirits afloat through a health scare, made new friends in my new home, started publishing a regular column about aging for Thrive Global, and learned to walk away from toxic relationships. I recently lost 10 pounds, got a new hairstyle, started weight-training and doing pilates again, and began planning to rock my “MOB” status next year when my younger daughter gets married.

Yeah, this may seem like TMI, but the reality is that as women business owners we get through complicated real life and work life every second of every day. We hustle, juggle, and figure it out. And, over the years, I’ve learned to ask for help when I need it.

So, the older and wiser sheBOOM is still dedicated to:

  • Telling it like it is! No sugar-coated tales of women founders strutting around in designer high heels. We keep it real.
  • Looking forward, not backward. We don’t make mistakes…we learn.
  • Collaboration. Have a women’s group of any kind and want to work with us? We’re in! We have no patience for mean girls and women who don’t share. We’re cross-generational too! Want to write for us? Just ask! Want to sponsor or advertise? Music to our ears.
  • Fun and inspiration. We’re a little bit snarky and irreverent (but not in a nasty way).
  • Supporting ALL women founders at all stages of their businesses — from newbies to scalers to shemillionaires. We never “scale shame.” If you choose to stay small and enjoy work/life integration, we support that. We don’t judge women by the size of their wallets (or handbags) …just their hearts and brains.

So, we’re glad to be here again…and delighted you’re here with us. Let’s sheBOOM together!

Have a story to share? Our theme for the next few weeks is “Just the Facts, Ma’am.” We’ll be talking about some powerful stats about women entrepeneurs and how facts led to great business ideas. Fill out this form today!