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Ruminations: Are Women Good Sports or Do They Play Dirty?

In honor of the Big Game* on Sunday…

The coming week at sheBOOM is all about sports, teamwork, athletes, women who changed the game, and female founders who are scoring big points in sports-related industries. (And maybe how women are portrayed in Super Bowl ads…as we watch the previews we’ll form opinions about that.)

Some women grow up playing sports, so they know how to rely on other women to win and they strive for their personal best. Both my daughters played soccer and other team sports. I worked with one young woman who pole vaulted and ran track.

Although they may strive to beat the opposing team, they learn to treat their teammates with respect and support. They deal with the tough coach who calls them out when they don’t play fair. They know how to communicate on the field because they are dependent on other women to help them win.

This isn’t just a half-assed theory. A recent study published in Fortune supported the view that women who play sports are more successful in business. Yet a whopping 70% of kids in the U.S. are dropping out of organized sports.

We don’t all have to be stars on the playing field. It’s getting into the game that matters!

Let’s give a big cheer to these 30 women who are changing the game in the wide world of sports.  And join us this week in sharing YOUR stories related to our sheBOOM theme — from football…to foosball…and teamwork, coaching, and other topics related to sports.

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Nancy, Publisher

*Did you know that the NFL has a trademark on the term “Super Bowl” and is known to serve advertisers with cease and desist letters?