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Sandi Marx: The Women Behind a Funny Woman

Meet Sandi Marx, a woman in comedy proving humor only grows with age.

Sandi Marx is a comedian, storyteller, and host– she really knows how to work a stage! She found her passion for comedy as a toddler, but it took her “55 years to get the courage.” It’s never too late to make your dream career a reality. One of the reasons she kept dreaming? Her incredible host of female role models: Joan Rivers, Amy Schumer, Janelle James, Tig Notaro, and Maria Bamford. Marx’s work is inspired by the world around her: “Every aspect of humanity provides humor. Life can get tough, comedy gives us much needed relief.”

Comedy is a notorious boy’s club, but Marx also had her age to contend with. “Being over 60 is always a challenge. I diffuse the room immediately by letting my audience know, ‘I get it, I look like Karen from H.R.’” if I’m in on the joke, we all win!” In addition to calling out the elephant in the room and being able to laugh at yourself, Marx encourages budding comedians to “Always have a clear ‘voice,’ know who you are, and embrace that. Don’t try and just fit in. Stand out!”

We couldn’t agree more!