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Sarah Morgan: Mother of Invention

Who I am:

Sarah Morgan, Founder & CEO

My company:

Buddies In My Belly is a health education company that provides tools to achieve healthier lives. Buddies In My Belly is on a mission to encourage healthy eating and living for the whole family.


The role of motherhood in my business:

Motherhood was my biggest inspiration to starting my health education company, Buddies In My Belly. I wanted to help my daughter and other children understand important health concepts – starting with the microbiome and probiotics – in a way they could understand and interact with. Mom life is the genius life – we do live and breathe this concept everyday in conversation with our children! Buddies In My Belly supports mothers by providing products, tools and free resources to help them implement great health for the whole family.

Advice for mom-entrepreneurs:

I have three pieces of advice for mom-entrepreneurs. 1) Listen to that tiny voice in your head when you have an idea. 2) Realize the journey to accomplishing your business dreams doesn’t have to be perfect. 3) Let your children be part of the process – it teaches them valuable life skills and shows them you believe in yourself!

“Being a mom allows you to view the world through a unique lens. You have to be a problem solver, you have to be resourceful, and you have to translate things in a way your children understand. See these challenges as an opportunity to innovate.”