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Saying ‘Yes’ to the (Bridesmaid’s) Dress: Jen Glantz

Multiple gigs as a wedding attendant inspired Jen Glantz to start her own business as a professional bridesmaid, helping brides make their big day happy and stress-free. She has gone on to become an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and author. SheBOOM asked Jen for tips on how aspiring writers can make their own dreams come true.

Writing full-time is many women’s dream. How did you manage to realize that? Can you really support yourself full-time?
It’s a hustle and it’s not something that you wake up one morning and find yourself making a ton of money doing. You have to work hard and build your writing portfolio and audience. Every month I have a goal of how much I’d like to make with my freelance writing and often times, to meet that goal, I have to do a lot of reaching out, pitching, and following up to get assignments.

Who do you write for?
I write for over 20 different places every month. The full list is here.

Which of your pieces are you proudest of and why?
I’m most proud of the pieces I write for myself on www.thethingsilearnedfrom.com.

Tell us about your book that’s coming out? How did you get it published?
Always a Bridesmaid (For Hire) comes out on February 7, 2017, and is available now for pre-sale on Amazon for 30% off!

What advice do you have for women who want to write for a living?
Don’t wait. Get started now. Write for yourself first. That’s the only way to refine your writing and allow you to practice.

Tell us more about the “Bridesmaid thing” please.
Bridesmaid for Hire is a company I started in 2014. I provide professional bridesmaid services to brides in need.

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