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Seasonal Sounds & Sense: What’s Flowing Through YOUR Earbuds?

Listen to Our Creative Director Anna Osgoodby of Bold & Pop!

Anna is not only a super-talented entrepreneur, marketer, and designer, she is a very wise and fun blogger. Anna re-designed the sheBOOM logo and created our e-zine and is the official graphics genius of our online community — adding extra BOOM, bold, and pop to our site and other communications. (You can read more about her on our “About” page.)

Some of us learn best when we listen rather than read. It’s called Auditory Learning. Anna created an awesome list of podcasts to enhance your business and entrepreneurial skills and motivate you — this holiday season and year-round.

So, if you’re looking for something to listen to on the 8-hour trip to Aunt Sue’s and Uncle Josh’s house this holiday season or you’re burning off those 5,000 extra calories at the gym after your feast, these selections will not only beat boredom, they will make you smarter!