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Small Things Create Big Team Results

How can you motivate the people around you to produce better results at work? Research shows that sometimes it’s the little gestures that can help motivate employees and boost service and sales. For example:

  1. Smile! It not only has a positive impact on your brain, but it compels other people to smile too. It’s scientifically-proven!
  2. Say thank you! Grateful people get more support from others, according to workplace research.
  3. Recognize personal events! Even something as simple as celebrating birthdays each month or creating some hoopla around a work anniversary sends a message to your team that you care about them as people and not just employees.
  4. Celebrate success as a team! Everyone will be more likely to contribute to business growth if they feel acknowledged when good things happen.
  5. Reward yourself too! Dollars & Sense dealt with the role of stressing less in achieving success. Give yourself a high five whenever you’ve hit a milestone or accomplished a big (or little) task.