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Social Media Grows Up: What’s Next?

Just when you started to get the hang of Facebook, along came another app…and another…and another. The social media landscape has grown and morphed at an alarming pace. Here’s a little bit about the history of social networking.

At its core, social media is really just a means for people to chat with each other, learn about new things, communicate news, share in experiences, promote their brands and services, and feel like part of a like-minded community.

Those human needs have existed long before technology did. We just had other ways of connecting and sharing – like the town hall, over the suburban fence, or on the telephone (the kind without all the apps.)

Here on Happy Tech, we’re all about simplicity. So here are some very simple things you need to know about the present and future of social media.

  1. The types of people who use each form of social media evolves. Here is the latest breakdown. We suggest you check at least once a year to make sure you’re using the right media to reach your target market.
  2. The messages are as important as the media. Perhaps you’ve heard of the term “content marketing.” sheBOOM is actually a great example of it. Once you decide on what your brand will stand for and what types of information and advice you have to share with the world, you can repurpose it across many different channels. Rather than hitting your customer (or prospective customer) over the head with constant sales messages, offer her insights and information that can build loyalty – we read here that loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase. For example, if you run a spa you can use your e-newsletter or social media sites to share relaxation tips or ways to avoid skin damage this summer. Having great content on your site can also improve your business’ SEO (online search) rankings.
  3. Mobile…mobile…mobile…More people than ever before are using their “small screen” to interact. In 2015, mobile usage overtook desktop usage. Make sure your website and social sites are mobile-friendly and consider using text message marketing to reach your loyal customers with news and open appointment times.
  4. Make it move! Video viewership is way up and continues to grow. All the major social media platforms have added video capabilities. Create dynamic content and post it on your sites. Keep it short, entertaining, and relevant. Here are some easy-to-follow tips for shooting your own video.

How do you keep up with social media trends and tricks? It’s actually quite simple!

  1. Watch this space every week.
  2. Attend industry events and learn from others.

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