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Not Sorry: Girly Talk

As I was trolling LinkedIn this morning (as in perusing, not stalking)…

I came across this fabulous article from Jan Johnston Osburn, a fellow MOGUL contributor.  (We’ve already swapped e-mails and sheBOOM will be profiling her in an upcoming edition, because she is just so smart and cool and on-target!)

Today, let’s just focus on the word “sorry.”

In the 17 days that I’ve been interviewing female founders for sheBOOM, I have probably heard that word (or some variation of it) from women at least 170 times. Don’t get me wrong — apologizing to be polite because we truly screwed up or were unintentionally rude is always a good thing. (e.g., “I’m sorry I’m 15 minutes late for our call” or “I’m sorry I bumped into you and your coffee spilled all over your sweater…can I pay for dry cleaning?”) But too much sorry or too much self-flagalation is simply not a good style.

In our personal lives or business lives, we need to think about all the times we apologize during the course of a day — and why. (This great article offers some terrific insights about apologizing at work.)

Before you open your mouth, evaluate:

  • Did you really do something wrong?
  • Are you simply asking for something you need in order to get your job done?

If you truly did something wrong, one direct apology is sufficient. No need to drag it on. So, think today before you say the “S” word, ladies! (Amy Schumer already took the pledge to stop!)

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