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Sowing Seeds: Jaime Silverstein

Who I am:

Jaime Silverstein, Crop Specialist

My company:

Freight Farms, working to empower farmers with the physical and digital solutions needed to grow fresh produce year-round, in all climates


The seeds I sowed to start my business:

I actually didn’t know much about hydroponics before starting at Freight Farms. My previous experience had all been soil-based growing. I quickly learned that the idea is very similar – it’s just the method of delivering these needs changed. I was quickly able to apply what I knew about growing vegetables and use it to my advantage, devising new goals for crop research & development.

The fruits of my labor:

As Crop Specialist, I’ve grown almost 400 varieties of plants in the Leafy Green Machine, as well as multiple nutrient and supplement solutions to improve growth and work efficiencies to reduce labor hours. I’ve also helped train over 200 farmers.


“As a former soil farmer and now hydroponic farmer, I’ve learned how important community and collaboration are across farmers and those engaged in agriculture to build a healthier, more sustainable food system.”