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Inside the Lives of Female Sports Agents

What is it like to be a part of the 4% of female NFL agents? In short, challenging.

In 2005 Kristin Kuliga, president and CEO of K Sports and Entertainment, was the only female agent working with active NFL players. After being told she would never make it in the business, Kuliga became determined to succeed, telling ESPN, “That sparked me to really develop… because I hate being told that I can’t do something – especially if it’s solely because of the fact that I [am] a female.” Despite the strides women like Kuliga are making towards equality and representation, sports agency remains “a profession that is changing but still is a good decade behind the rest of the legal world” (source).

What does this mean for you?

While industries are changing, it’s certainly not happening fast enough. Kuliga makes a concerted effort to employ, mentor and support other women in her field and sings praises of up-and-comer Kim Miale. In industries biased against women, it’s especially important to stick together.

We’ll be cheering on Kuliga, Miale and all other women in sports all this month! Stay tuned.