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Sports: Carly Elizabeth Beyar, Shannon Fay, and Alanna Locast

Who we are:

Carly Elizabeth Beyar, Shannon Fay, and Alanna Locast, founders of SoccerGrlProbs.

My company:

We have made it our mission to support and encourage the well-being and positive self-image of young female athletes everywhere. We aim to inspire the idea of a strong, confident, positive female athlete who is comfortable in her own skin. We want to empower young female athletes to build a strong inner foundation and to have the confidence to proudly grow into the women they will become. Through our lifestyle brand, we continue to deliver authentic and original content as a means to establish a sense of unity and sisterhood in the female soccer community.


Our sports hero:

The 99ers were collectively as a team our hero because they made the world realize women are badasses and females can play soccer just as well as males. The three of us remember watching Brandi Chasten score the winning pk and rip her jersey off in celebration. It still gives us chills. Today, Brandi is one of our good friends and hearing our hero tell us how empowering and inspiring SGP is incredible.

Our favorite and least favorite Super Bowl ads:

Our favorite will always be #LikeAGirl. It was so inspiring it still gives us chills. Our least favorite is Kim Kardashian; she doesn’t portray a role model to us.

Advice to female athletes:

Being female athletes our whole lives, we have felt and experienced the societal pressures placed on females in today’s world. Females have been made afraid to be “too strong”, or “not pretty enough”, or “too rough”, or “not skinny enough”. It’s time for all the stigmas to end. It has taken us each some time, but we’ve learned what it feels like to be confident and comfortable with ourselves; to have a strong inner foundation that doesn’t care if it’s different and to be proud of it. This is what we want to share with the world. We want to empower young girls who are growing up playing sports like we once did. We make an honest effort every single day to embrace our problems, laugh at ourselves daily, and be proud of what makes us female athletes. And through doing this, and being as genuine and real as we possibly can be, we hope to lead the way through @SoccerGrlProbs, for others to do the same. Never hide what makes you stand out in the world.