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Spreading the Joy with AnnaRose Rotondi-Kauser, Founder of Oh You,TEAse

Topping the search for ‘kinky’ blends and loving every sip

Founder AnnaRose Rotondi-Kauser launched her company Oh You, TEAse with an eclectic offering of artisan teas and is celebrating early success with her clever SEO un-strategy.

From AnnaRose:   “I launched my own company in May 2016.  I’m most proud of my organic search engine ranking.  Six months ago when you searched “Oh You, TEAse” interesting (read: kinky) content would come up. People weren’t thinking, or searching for, artisan tea blends. But now, I come up first on Google! People are searching for me! Acheiving this without an official SEO strategy makes me incredibly proud and truly gives me pure JOY.” 

Anna encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to go for it and stay positive:

  1. Rip off the bandaid. If you keep waiting you’re never going to do it
  2. Track expenses and return. You have to spend money to make money, but make sure you can track ROI
  3. Don’t panic! On the days you’re wondering, “Can I really do this?” put on Beyonce and remember who runs the world: GIRLS!

A cozy cup of inspiration, thanks AnnaRose!  Keep BOOMing!

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