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Spreading the Joy with Colleen Sundlie, President of Date Lady, Inc.

Want a date? NO…not THAT kind! The award-winning food line!

Dates (as in dried fruit) are an incredible healthy alternative to processed sugar. And the joys expressed by founder Colleen Sundlie (aka the Date Lady) are naturally sweet.

From Colleen:  “We piled our entire family into the Date Lady camper and took a road trip out west, stopping to do Date Lady demos at stores in Colorado, Utah and Idaho. I was able to get some work done from my laptop while the kids were exploring the campsites but then had the ability to shut off and really focus on quality family time. It’s really just a balance — our main priority is raising children who are taught well and loved, so we work out business needs around that. Ideally I like to work only when the kids are occupied. Of course sometimes something will need immediate attention and there will be an email or phone call when the kids are around. If their emotional bank is filled up, that’s ok now and then.”

Wow! We at sheBOOM love female founders who take the time and energy to think about how their business affects the rest of their families. Prosperity doesn’t just mean the size of your bank account. Joy means enjoying ones “off” time too! 

What else did Colleen do in 2016? This was certainly a red letter date!

“We won a national award for our Date Lady Date Sauce and decided last minute that we should attend the awards ceremony, so Ryan and I jumped on a plane with my mom and our (then) six-month-old in-tow. We have built up a trusted network of employees and friends that gives us the flexibility to make those last-minute decisions. Being there for the awards ceremony allowed us to see all of our hard work come to fruition. We always thought our date syrup would be a hit, but getting the confirmation from people in the food industry just reaffirmed that starting our business has been a worthwhile family decision.” 

Colleen encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to go for it and stay positive Here are her tips:

  1. Think about what accomplishments you will be the most proud of at the end of your life and live daily to support that!
  2.  Set guidelines to help maintain your priorities, especially at the very beginning of your business.
  3.  Refuse to make any sacrifices now (that would seemingly make your business grow faster) that you might regret later.

We wish you a 2017 filled with lots more joy and sweetness!

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