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Spreading the Joy with Deborah Gaines, President, Deborah Gaines Associates

Founding, writing, traveling, and enjoying life after 50!

Doesn’t sound bad to us! Deborah Gaines founded Deborah Gaines Associates after an impressive media and marketing career. (You can read more about it here.)

But 2016 was especially good to her. In Deborah’s own words…

“I worked for nearly a month from a rented apartment in London. I’ve been wanting to explore the world for the past 20 years instead of being chained to a desk in corporate jobs. This year, the second of my business, I was able to hire enough support to keep the trains running while I supervised from abroad. Each morning I woke up, checked emails and finished up work from the previous evening (U.S. time), then closed my computer and headed out for new adventures. Next year, I plan to spend part of the summer in Maine and choose another fantastic locale for a second international trip. For me, being a founder in my fifties is all about independence and flexibility. I work hard but I’ve never been happier.”

And, as a writer, of course she has some eloquent tips for other women entrepreneurs…

  1. Have a business plan — but keep it simple. Mine has four items: (a) Do what I love (writing and supervising editorial projects); (b) Work no more than 30 hours a week; (c) Take 6 weeks off a year; and (d) Make enough money to feel prosperous.
  2. Don’t be afraid to hire support. When I realized I was spending 30 percent of my time on administrative work — time when I could be pitching new business or consulting — it was time for a part-time assistant and a freelance bookkeeper. They’ve been worth the cost many times over.
  3. Listen to the market. I started out on the assumption that I would sub-contract editorial and project management, but quickly found that clients wanted me to consult on an ongoing basis — and were willing to pay a premium for my advice.

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